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New EA MLA for RMP

At its recent European Cooperation for Accreditation (EA) Multilateral Agreement Council meeting on May 9th, the EA MLA for Reference Material Producers against ISO 17034:2016 was launched. UKAS was confirmed as a Signatory. RvA (The Netherlands), Accredia (Italy), CAI (Czech Republic), ENAC (Spain) and INAB (Ireland) were also confirmed as Signatories to the new MLA.

UKAS is delighted to have been one of a small number of accreditation bodies to have successfully undergone a peer evaluation of this activity, which involved an evaluation of our our policies, procedures and records at our main office as well as witnessing of an assessment of an RMP taking place.

Accreditation of Reference Material Producers benefits users as it provides confidence in the competence of the producer to characterise reference materials. UKAS Accreditation provides an level of confidence and assurance that international guidelines are followed in the production, labelling, and assignment of property values to materials, including stability and homogeneity determinations.

Further information on the decisions taken at the EA Multilateral Agreement Council meeting can be found on the EA website.