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Risk-Based Approach to Assessments

Over the course of the last year, UKAS has been developing a Risk-Based assessment approach that is to be piloted within the asbestos sector. The revised approach was developed with input from our assessment managers, technical experts, Executive team and advisory committees in 2020 and has been designed to:  

  • Allow the use of broader guidance on acceptable frequency and approach to UKAS assessments. 
  • Further standardise and structure the risk evaluations that are currently conducted to determine assessment effort and approach for customers over an accreditation cycle.  
  • Facilitate the greater use of blended assessment into standard UKAS processes. 

UKAS held a briefing for Customers on 21st January and 5th March which you can view here. A copy of the FAQs can be viewed from here 

Following the briefing UKAS is happy to announce that we have launched the ‘Data Collection Phase’ of the pilot programme. As of 1st Feb 2021, our customers in the Asbestos sector may start to see the risk evaluation matrix being completed as part of the surveillances or reassessments.  

UKAS will be providing regular updates on the pilot as it progresses, with a view to rolling it out to sectors we operate in in the future.