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Transition timeframe for UKAS symbols of accreditation

In January 2021, UKAS launched its new national accreditation symbols, designed to better illustrate the diversity of what UKAS accreditation encompasses and to reflect UKAS as a modern, international and forward-thinking organisation.

A timeframe was provided for all accredited customers to transition their use of the UKAS symbols of accreditation from the old branding into the new. You can read more about the transition periods for customers in our Technical Bulletin here.

As of 1st February 2022 it has been expected that all digital materials relating to the symbols of accreditation be in the new branding.

From 1st February 2023 it will be necessary for all printed materials relating to the symbols of accreditation be in the new branding.

The final deadline is 1st February 2024, after which all UKAS certificates of accreditation must be in the new branding.

The UKAS symbols of accreditation are an important badge that indicates your accreditation status for various activities. Having been granted accreditation, correct use of the UKAS symbols is an important aspect of maintaining accreditation and many assessments result in improvement actions that could easily be avoided by adhering to the following guidance:

  • Ensure your accreditation number is included under the symbol or is included in the statement confirming accreditation status. Without this information it will not be possible to confirm your accreditation status by tracing this number back to your schedule of accreditation.
  • The title or logo of your organisation should appear more prominently than your symbol of accreditation.
  • Please make sure that your symbol is clear and legible in all usage. This is easily achieved by using the originally supplied symbol, which can be requested again by emailing [email protected].
  • Please ensure that any accredited output (e.g. reports or certificates) showing the UKAS symbol of accreditation includes at least one accredited activity, otherwise it cannot be legitimately included.

Other useful documentation

You can read more about the conditions of use of the UKAS symbols of accreditation (as licensed by BEIS) in this government guidance.

UKAS also issued publication GEN 6 Reference to Accreditation and Multilateral Recognition Signatory Status by UKAS Accredited Bodies in October 2021, covering the identification of accredited results.

If you have any questions relating to usage of the UKAS symbols of accreditation, you can contact the relevant department by emailing [email protected].