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The British Assessment Bureau congratulates UKAS on 25th anniversary

The team from British Assessment Bureau (BAB) wishes to congratulate UKAS on their 25th anniversary in 2020 and to take the opportunity to thank them for their support of both the certification industry and BAB’s specific agenda.

As an accreditation body UKAS has demonstrated all of the behaviours one might expect – they have been authoritative, yet flexible and they have worked hard to support BAB’s growth ambitions as a certification body, yet maintained their diligence in ensuring we adhered to the high standards expected of a UKAS-accredited body.

However, where UKAS has excelled has been to offer accessibility and engagement with CBs that provides support to all levels of our organisation – including both at a strategic level and hands-on day-to-day challenges. A great recent example of this was helping us and the rest of the industry to navigate the challenges and opportunities of COVID-19, while demonstrating a ceaseless drive to secure a more practical and efficient auditing approach for all certification bodies.

In striving to ensure consistent application of the standards by all players and providing a level playing field for all CBs to operate in, UKAS is establishing and maintaining best-in-class credibility for the UK assessment industry, ensuring that UKAS-accredited certification remains a highly sought after seal of approval.