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Engineering Inspection Technical Advisory Committee (EITAC) update

The UKAS Engineering Inspection Technical Advisory Committee (EITAC) is a UK based, advisory, non-executive committee, established by UKAS to provide a forum for input from stakeholders with interests in UKAS activities within this sector, e.g. professional bodies, accredited organisations, end users and regulatory bodies.

The purpose of the EITAC is to advise UKAS on technical and policy matters within its scope concerned with the development and implementation of UKAS activities. To respond to the requirements of UKAS for advice on specific issues, including but not limited to:

  • The formulation and review of specific technical criteria to facilitate effective and consistent application of UKAS’ activities;
  • The acceptability of procedures as a basis for accreditation;
  • The interpretation of specific clauses and requirements
  • The identification of potential assessors and sources of assessors;
  • The impact of European and other international initiatives;
  • The need for the establishment of specialist task forces.

The EITAC input is valuable to UKAS’ operations and policy development, taking consideration of the points listed above. The use of the EITAC may also follow on from stakeholder involvement in development projects or where a need is identified from ongoing activities, technical changes, customer feedback etc.

Membership of the Group will be by agreement and be reviewed every year. A secretary to the Group will be appointed by UKAS and a Chairperson will be appointed and shall not be a UKAS employee.

At the invitation of the Chairman, other parties may attend meetings of the Group. On such occasions the minutes shall clearly state the affiliations of the invited participants.

UKAS is currently seeking membership applications for the EITAC to assist us in this important work.  If you would like to participate and play your part in shaping how technical issues are addressed, changes are applied and industry feedback is acted upon, please contact [email protected] for further details.