World Metrology Day 2021 – Measurement for Health

Today is World Metrology Day 2021, designed to raise awareness of the important role measurement plays in terms of scientific discovery, innovation, manufacturing, safety and the general improvement of the quality of all areas of life.

This awareness day is celebrated annually to mark the signature of the 1875 Metre Convention (also on 20th May) by 17 nations, enabling global collaboration in the science of measurement.

The chosen theme for 2021 is Measurement for Health, highlighting the vital role metrology plays in ensuring the wellbeing of all.

Many of the changes in the modern world that we have come to accept as the norm, including increasing and aging populations, increased international travel and medical innovations, whilst welcome, have impacted our healthcare systems in terms of increased demand.

It is therefore important that the measurement, testing, diagnostic and treatment equipment we use for health-related measurement and treatment conforms to agreed standards and specifications, so that we can be confident in the results and treatments delivered.  Internationally, national measurement systems need to be harmonised to ensure mutual recognition and confidence.

As a result of metrology in the healthcare systems, health-related measurements and medicines can be relied upon by patients, healthcare providers and policymakers the world over.

You can find out more about World Metrology Day here.