Accreditation of Approved Bodies (GB) and UK Notified Bodies for the NI market

Please note that the appointment of Approved Bodies for UKCA purposes is the responsibility of the UK Competent Authorities. UKAS accredits Conformity Assessment Bodies as part of this process as described in publication GEN 5, which replaces publication P16.

For a list of all bodies who can provide conformity assessment for goods placed on the UK market please see the UK Market Conformity Assessment Bodies (UKMCAB) database maintained by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

UKAS publications

GEN 5 Accreditation for the Purposes of Appointment as an Approved Body under the UKCA System (Edition 1, December 2020)

Relevant European and international publication

EA-2/17 M: 2016* EA Document on Accreditation for Notification Purposes - Superseded: see below for transition period
EA-2/17 M:2020 EA Document on Accreditation for Notification Purposes - Implementation date April 2021

For all available EA publications please see the publications pages of their website.