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Demystifying: Your journey to accreditation webinar recording

UKAS runs a series of webinars that provide further background information about what accreditation is, who UKAS is, and the journey organisations go on as they proceed towards gaining accreditation.

Demystifying: Your journey to accreditation: This webinar provides information and resources on the next steps in your journey once you have determined if accreditation is right for you. The webinar dives deeper into how to apply, ensuring a thorough understanding of each stage of the process, and the costs involved throughout.

Topics covered include:

  • Each stage of the journey to accreditation
  • Assessing the readiness of your business to proceed with accreditation
  • What to do if there are gaps in the process
  • Next steps – support once you have applied

Please keep an eye on our Webinars and Events page, for information about when these webinars will be repeated and to find out about all other events UKAS will be hosting or attending.

You can also view other UKAS videos on the official YouTube channel.