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Asbestos Surveys: New issue of HSG 264: 2012: Asbestos – The Survey Guide

In April 2012 HSE reissued HSG 264: Asbestos – The survey guide, replacing the first edition issued in 2010. Clarification from our colleagues within HSE has confirmed that the changes are very minor and, in summary, are as follows:

  • references to the Control of Asbestos Regulations have been updated to the 2012 version;
  • an addition made in paragraph 7 to confirm that prohibitions are now in the REACH Regulations 2007;
  • reference in paragraph 24 on the ABICS surveyor certification scheme has been updated to reflect the fact that it is no longer operational;
  • in addition a few other minor typographical errors and updates to references, etc were made.

The new edition of HSG 264 can be downloaded free of charge from the HSE website (www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/). Alternatively hard copies can be ordered from HSE priced £15.00 per copy. However, please note that as the changes are of such a minor nature that they have no bearing on the performance of asbestos surveying, UKAS will continue to accept surveyors holding official hard copies of the 2010 first edition. If this is the case then the organisation will be expected to hold at least one 2012 version (hard or electronic) within its management system.

For further information please contact Wendy Smith, Accreditation Manager Industrial Chemistry and Forensics: [email protected]