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New Legislative Framework Alignment Package – Updated Technical Bulletin November 2015

This bulletin is applicable to UKAS accredited Notified Bodies

This bulletin provides an update regarding the New Legislative Framework (NLF) alignment package of updated directives and follows a previous UKAS technical bulletin issued in November 2014 on this subject.

As you will be aware from previous communications, the current alignment package of 9 directives was given a 24 month implementation period leading to an implementation deadline of 20th April 2016, at which point the new directives will come into force and the current versions will be repealed. Directives currently being implemented as part of the alignment package are NAWI, Measuring Instruments, Civil Explosives, ATEX, SPV, EMC, LVD, Lifts, and Pyrotechnics.  PED is also being implemented as part of the package, with a slightly later entry into force date of 19th July 2016.

UKAS is continuing to carry out assessments of Notified Bodies regarding the implementation of the new directives.  During these transition assessments it has been noted that, whilst progress is being made overall, there remains a number of NBs that still have considerable work to do to complete full implementation on time.

Please remember that the deadline does not simply relate to the accreditation process but also includes activities undertaken by the Competent Authorities in order to grant Notified Body status under the new Directives.  Existing appointments will cease when the current Directives lapse upon entry into force of the new ones.  Therefore Notified Bodies are strongly urged to ensure that any corrective actions resulting from UKAS assessments, together with other implementation actions, are completed as a matter of the utmost urgency. Evidence of improvement action clearance in support of transitions should be submitted to UKAS as a matter of urgency to allow UKAS sufficient time to complete the evidence review and recommend transition to the appropriate Competent Authority. The Competent Authorities will also require sufficient time to complete their reviews and undertake the necessary notification activities.  Failure to submit evidence in good time is likely to result in any affected Notified Body not being appointed prior to the legislation coming into force. .

Our aim is to ensure that all current UKAS accredited Notified Bodies looking to be appointed under the new Directives are in a position to transition to the new alignment package directives by 20th April 2016 (19th July 2016 for PED).  UKAS will continue to work with Notified Bodies and the Competent Authorities to achieve this aim.

Please also note that the following directives, although not part of the alignment package, are also undergoing transition: –

2013/53/EU Recreational Craft Directive                Deadline 18/01/2016

2014/90/Marine Equipment Directive                     Deadline 18/09/2016


If you have any queries with regard to this technical bulletin please contact Kevin Belson – Technical Manager on [email protected]