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Notification of IAF decision on accredited certification to ISO 50001 – Energy Management Systems

This is to inform you of discussions at a recent IAF WG meeting where the following item was discussed:
Extract below from IAF WG meeting:

GHG and Energy

“Some energy programmes require energy audits, and this may involve a Certification Body in providing consultancy which is not permitted under ISO/IEC 17021, and/or could compromise impartiality if data from energy audits is relevant to confirmation of an effective energy management system. It was confirmed that the Certification Body should not offer solutions/recommendations and if the energy programme requires this, then the Certification Body cannot provide it. Also, if data from an energy audit is interlinked with management systems certification then one Certification Body cannot undertake both activities for the same client. The IAF Decision log will confirm this position, in due course. “

In the UK, the Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS – the UK implementation of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive) requires energy audits as one way of satisfying the requirements. The above principle should be followed when operating to this scheme.

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