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Publication of ILAC G27

ILAC has just published a new document: ILAC G27Guidance on measurements performed as part of an inspection process.

This document is intended to provide guidance on measurements carried out as part of an inspection activity for both inspection bodies and the accreditation bodies assessing inspection bodies.

The key objective of this guidance is to help ensure the validity of the measurements performed as part of inspections carried out in accordance with ISO/IEC 17020. It also provides examples via case studies of measurements carried out in inspection, which notes that measurements which satisfy the requirements included in ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO 15189 would also satisfy ISO/IEC 17020.

Please note that the intention of this publication is to provide recommendations and that the document does not place any new requirements over and above those stipulated in ISO/IEC 17020 (G27 section 1.1).

Accredited Inspection Bodies should take due cognisance of this new guidance document. UKAS technical assessors will treat this guidance document as indicated by its purpose i.e. not to introduce new requirements over and above ISO/IEC 17020, but may refer to it as useful guidance when there is a need to clarify the intention of a specific clause or requirement.


For further information please contact the UKAS Technical Focus Person for Inspection: Ian Ronksley ([email protected]); or the UKAS Technical Manager: Kevin Belson ([email protected])


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