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Important information regarding migration to ISO 45001

Following discussions at the IAF Technical Committee, and with the migration process for ISO 45001:2018 now in its closing stages, IAF has confirmed the following to be observed by certification organisations.

The end date for the migration period is 31 March 2021 (last day of the month) in accordance with a previous general IAF decision. The end of the migration period for Certification Bodies remains unchanged as 12 March 2020.

CBs can include on certificates that the client was previously certified to OHSAS 18001. However, this has to be a note separate to the ISO 45001 certificate date; e.g. the certificate can read: ISO 45001 issued 10 Jan 2020 – with a note below stating previously certified to OHSAS 18001 since …..

Should you require any clarification on the above, please contact one of the following:

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