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UKCA – Adoption of Designated Conformity Assessment Standards

This Bulletin has been issued to clarify the implementation of the Designated Conformity Assessment Standards (CAS) for UKCA Approve Bodies for related regulations and modules as defined in UKAS GEN 5, section 5: –

“UKAS has adopted a preferred designated standard approach in order to provide a consistent and comparable implementation of accreditation for UKCA purposes. The tables in Appendix 2 of this document identify the designated standard which is the preferred standard for each module and legislation, and, in addition, the table in Appendix 3 includes the additional requirements taken from other designated standards which are needed to underpin the standard for an appropriate assessment of the competence and performance under each module.

Any accreditation for the purposes of appointment or notification not using the preferred standard (Appendix 2) shall be justified by existence of a published legal requirement, binding to the CAB, not to accept the preferred standard but a different one.”

Where CABs are required to transfer to a new CAS a transition period has been set with a deadline of April 2023. After this date all UKCA Approved Bodies must be accredited to the relevant CAS for the legislation and modules concerned in accordance with Appendix 2 of GEN 5.

Please note that the above timescale has been introduced to correspond with the implementation of the latest version of EA-2/17 for European Notified Bodies, which remains the relevant document for Northern Ireland and related UK Notified Bodies.

For any clarifications, please contact your UKAS Assessment Manager or Kevin Belson, UKAS Technical Manager [email protected]

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