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Updated Guidance on the Approach for Volume Scene of Crime Assessments

This update provides the rationale and guidance on changes to the assessment approach and the revision of efforts associate with Volume Scene of Crime (VSoC) Initial Assessments.

Background Information

All previous UKAS guidance communications for VSoC can be found on the UKAS website https://www.ukas.com/resources/technical-bulletins/technical-bulletin-volume-scene-of-crime-accreditation/

In preparation for the re-commencement of VSoC Initial Assessments in April 2021, UKAS has evaluated its assessment approach, considering assessments already completed.  UKAS plans to utilise an additional half day remote assessment, per team member, which will take place prior to the on-site work. This will facilitate the remote assessment of some key areas, such as validation, over a video-conferencing system e.g. Microsoft Teams. The benefits of this approach are that all key personnel can be involved in these discussions at a time when they are not being required for other aspects of the site assessment.

Consideration will also be given to the option of splitting the Mock Scene Activity over the first and second days of the assessment. For example, having the first CSI for each of the two types of mock scene undertake the examination on the afternoon of the first day of the on-site assessment, with the second CSI conducting the same scenario on the second day of the assessment. This allows the customer more time to reset the mock scenes and allows the Technical Assessor more time to review the outputs from the witness activity, therefore, reducing time pressures on the day.

This will be dependent on customer and location of Mock Scenes.

An additional half day, per team member, has also been added post on-site assessment to allow the assessment team to complete of the reports following the onsite assessment. The review has highlighted that the Assessment Team has been unable to undertake any report writing during the on-site assessment, resulting in very extended working days whilst on -site, which is not sustainable or appropriate.

Please note this will not delay the verbal outcome of the assessment being delivered on the final site day.

Guidance on efforts has now been superseded. Revised estimates will be issued prior to booking.

UKAS strongly advises Customers revisit and fully review their UKAS Preassessment Report and ensure all areas identified within that report have been addressed and implemented prior to the Initial Assessment.

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‘Updated UKAS Customer Guidance Communication for Volume Scene of Crime Accreditation – Law Enforcement’ dated 25 January 2021 available here.