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Information for Laboratories

All CPA scheduled main visits will be to ISO 15189: 2012.

Transition timeframe:

  • Laboratory assessments to ISO 15189 started mid October 2013
  • 1st grant of UKAS accreditation to ISO 15189 was completed in July 2014
  • CPA accreditation and CPA standards for Medical Laboratories will be withdrawn in 2018

Laboratories will be contacted approximately nine months prior to the commencement of the visit schedule and requested to submit UKAS application forms. These will need to be submitted 6 months before the six month period in which the main visit is due. Please visit the UKAS application and assessment process.

There is no requirement to complete the CPA registration forms if you are intending to submit a UKAS application form. Please don’t submit the UKAS application forms prior to being contacted, unless otherwise advised.

A series of seminars are being carried out to inform Laboratories about the UKAS assessment process and differences between the CPA standards and ISO 15189. UKAS/CPA transition seminars took place in London Birmingham and Leeds in 2015, and a further programme of seminars is being planned for 2016. 


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