» Pre-application – Points for Consideration

Please consider the points below before formally applying to UKAS:

- Have you adequately prepared?

You will need to include a detailed project plan with your formal application so please ensure that your service has adequately prepared. Further information can be found in pre-application support.

- Have you decided which pathway to accreditation you would like to follow?

There two routes to accreditation for Imaging services; staged or direct. You will need to indicate your preferred route on the application form. The staged pathway awards Attainment Levels throughout the initial assessment process which provides public recognition of the achievement of key milestones. The direct pathway allows applicant organisations to remain anonymous until grant of accreditation. Further information can be found on the Route Map to Accreditation.

- Do you understand the application and initial assessment process?

approach to assessment.

- Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions or concerns or wish to discuss your application with a member of the UKAS Team, please do not hesitate to contact ImagingCustomerService@ukas.com or 01784 429000.