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Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering (MPACE)

Having been approached by NHS England (NHSE) and the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine (IPEM), UKAS is developing accreditation for clinical engineering and physical science services.

This work will build on the work previously conducted to develop ‘iCEPSS’ and also the recently published British Standard BS 70000 Medical physics, clinical engineering and associated scientific services in healthcare – Requirements for quality, safety and competence.

UKAS has established a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) consisting of technical experts representing all the fields within this area, along with user and stakeholder representatives. At the last TAC meeting, it was agreed to rename the UKAS accreditation scheme from CEPPS to MPACE (Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering) so it is aligned with the title of the standard (BS 70000) that will be used as the criteria for UKAS accreditation.

In order to confirm the applicability of BS 70000 and develop the accreditation scheme and assessment approach, it have been agreed with the TAC to focus the development project on two technical areas in the first instance. For the expressions of interest responses and technical advice, some further scoping in the Electro-Biomedical Engineering (EBME) and Radiotherapy areas will be undertaken to determine the feasibility of running pilot assessments in these areas. UKAS will be contacting the Trusts who expressed interest in these areas in the coming weeks to assist in refining the technical scope for these areas for pitot assessments.

For areas outside the scope of the initial pilot areas, UKAS will continue to work with the relevant experts in the different fields to develop the accreditation scheme in readiness for their inclusion after the pilot activities have been completed.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact David Compton (david.compton@ukas.com).

Webinar - 15th August

UKAS participated in a webinar on 15th August that provided information about the UKAS accreditation programme for Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering Services (MPACE). It considered the links between certification standards and the process of accreditation and the implications for Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering services.  A recording of the webinar is available below.

Download webinar (please note that you will need to register to view the webinar)

FAQs will shortly be available providing answers to the questions raised during the webinar.


Further information:

  • NHSE, UKAS and IPEM joint statement regarding the accreditation of Clinical Engineering and Physical Science Services.