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GEN 1 General Principles for the Assessment of Conformity Assessment Bodies by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (Edition 1) 30 September 2019 Link
GEN 4 UKAS policy and general guidance for the implementation and management of flexible scopes of accreditation (Edition 1) 30 September 2019 Link
LAB 14 Guidance on the calibration of weighing machines used in testing and calibration laboratories (Edition 6) 30 September 2019 Link
LAB 25 Traceability of Hardness Measurements (Edition 3) 30 September 2019 Link
LAB 36 Laboratory Accommodation and Environment in the Measurement of Length, Angle and Form (Edition 4) 30 September 2019 Link
CIS 7 UKAS Approach to Accreditation of Competent Person Scheme Operators (Edition 2) 30 September 2019 Link
TPS 38 The Implementation of EURAMET Calibration Guide No. 13 Guidance on Calibration of Temperature Block Calibrators 30 September 2019 Link
TPS 41 UKAS Policy on Metrological Traceability 30 September 2019 Link
M3003 The Expression of Uncertainty and Confidence in Measurement 30 September 2019 Link


Note re draft publication TPS 72 UKAS Policy on Decision Rules

Draft publication TPS 72 UKAS Policy on Decision Rules, made available for public consultation between 10 June & 31 July 2019, has subsequently been withdrawn, as ILAC Guidance Document ILAC G8:09/2019 Guidelines on Decision Rules and Statements on Conformity has now been published and is the reference document for this aspect.


Consultations Relating to Relevant External Publications

The following external publications are currently out for public consultation.

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