UKAS Statement on Italian Council of State Judgment of 21 April 2023

UKAS has become aware of a judgment published by the Italian Council of State on 21 April 2023 which concerns certifications provided by a Conformity Assessment Body that is accredited by UKAS and relied on in the context of a public procurement in Italy.

In its judgment the Italian Court refers to a letter from European co-operation for Accreditation which was sent in response to a question posed of EA by the Italian Court on the recognition of UKAS as a National Accreditation Body under Regulation (EC) 765/2008.

In UKAS’s view, the EA letter – as reported in the Court’s judgment – does not fully convey the broader picture of mutual recognition of national accreditation at a European and International level through EA and IAF.

UKAS is in dialogue with EA and intends to take as a matter of urgency all necessary steps, including before the Italian Courts, to ensure that its status as a signatory of the EA multilateral agreements, and its recognition internationally by IAF and ILAC, is duly acknowledged and given effect in all contexts where reliance is legitimately placed on UKAS accreditation.

UKAS will provide a further update on this matter in due course.

If you have any questions please contact your Assessment Manager or in the case of UKAS stakeholders Rob Bettinson, Technical, Quality & Risk Director.