The Route to Accreditation

Not sure what to do and want to talk to someone? Please call 01784 429020 or email

How to apply

To apply for accreditation, please complete the application form relevant to your application. 

The Form lists in detail the supporting information that you are required to submit with your application, including your Quality Manual and proof of legal status, in order for it to be processed without delay. The Application Fee, set out in the Terms of Business, must also be paid at this time.

Alternatively, you can request an application pack which can be submitted to when completed.

Organisations based outside the UK should contact in the first instance before submitting any documentation or fee.

We regret that incomplete applications will be subject to delay until all information is received.

Handling your application

Upon receipt of the application, you will be allocated an Accreditation Manager, who will assign an Assessment Manager as your case manager and point of contact with UKAS.

The Assessment Manager will review the documentation and guide you through the process of gaining accreditation.

They will also discuss the composition of a proposed assessment team with you, that will be best placed to technically assess your organisation.

There is normally a lead-in time of approximately three months to arrange the first assessment visit.