UKAS has launched a series of eLearning modules designed to support providers working through their Stage 2 submission and in advance of their Stage 3 assessment.

The modules are not mandatory, though we highly recommend providers work through them at their own pace to help demystify some of the more complex areas of accreditation.

There are UP TO 9 modules available. Sampling-only providers will receive the ‘application support – eLearning programme’ consisting of modules 1-7. POCT and lab testing providers will receive additional modules based on their activities. Each module will take approximately 30 – 45 minutes to read through and complete.

Provider(s) can decide on how many individuals should be enrolled, based on who they feel could benefit from a greater understanding of compliance with the standards and the accreditation process.

To enrol, please provide contact details for all members of staff you wish to have access, by completing this survey. Providers will be given access within 2 working days.