» Our Vision

Our Vision

‘Everything that should be underpinned by UKAS accreditation, is’

Our Mission

Is to stabilise our business and to build sound foundations for future growth which will enable us always to exceed the expectations of our current and future customers and stakeholders.

Our Strategy

Is to continue to strengthen our operations teams, developing the capacity and capability to exceed the expectations of our customers and stakeholders and deliver accreditation services to the highest quality and technical standards.

We are continually optimising new technology to improve our open, collaborative customer and stakeholder relations, and to develop UKAS into an even more flexible organisation, with the capability and capacity to meet the increasing demand for accreditation. 

Our Values

The growth and diversification of UKAS has been built on core values that have underpinned our activities for many years.

These values are: Professionalism, Responsibility, Innovation, Delivery and Excellence which form the acronym: PRIDE.

These values set us apart from other organisations, requiring that we think and act differently, resulting in a clearly defined UKAS brand that is highly respected in the marketplace. They are imprinted in our DNA, making us who we are today and setting the foundation for the UKAS of the future.

UKAS core values are not about what we do, but the guiding principles behind how we interact with our customers. If these values resonate with you, then do visit our Careers section to find out about current opportunities.Pride Logo