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Call for expressions of interest – update ISO/IEC 17021 – Accreditation for Certification of Compliance Management System (ISO 37301:2021)

On 25th March 2022 UKAS published the outcome from their 31st January 2022 call for Expression of Interest for certification bodies looking to underpin the certification to ISO 37301:2021 (Compliance Management System Certification) with accreditation. The initial conclusion was to consider including the development of accredited certification to ISO 37301 within its development programme for 2022/2023 but this has been deferred to the 2023/2024 programme due to operational reasons subject to there being continued interest. To support the need to move forward with this plan we wish to reconfirm the current situation with those Certification Bodies who expressed an interest, as well as giving an opportunity to other CBs who may now be interested.

Therefore, please could you reconfirm/confirm if you have interest in this standard to UKAS ([email protected]) by the end of April 2023 as well as following information:

  1. The number of clients/estimated number of clients you have for (each of) this standard?
  2. The geographical location(s) where accredited certificates will be issued (solely UK, Solely Europe, Office outside of Europe)?
  3. The number of non-accredited certificates issued for the standard and into which countries?
  4. The date by which you envisage your clients being ready for
    1. A Stage 1 auditb.
    2. A Stage 2 audit
  5. Details of how you scope the certifications and please provide some example certificates. This will assist in the development and implementation of accreditation in this potential new area.