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FAQs: Competency or Management System Based Standards

A new publication detailing FAQs relating to “Competency or Management System” based standards has been published by ISO/CASCO.

ISO Technical Committees (ISO/TCs) are often asked to choose between developing requirements for a ‘management system’ for an organisation’s activities or to develop requirements for the ‘competence’ of an organisation to carry out its activities.

The publication assists organisations in understanding the difference between the two standards and assisting them in making a decision as to which one is most appropriate for their organisation. The publication also sets out the benefits of meeting either set of requirements.

UKAS accredits certification bodies against the requirements of ISO/IEC 17021-1 Conformity assessment – requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of management systems  to deliver a range of management system certification programmes.

The ISO/CASCO publication; “Frequency Asked Questions: Competency or Management System Based Standards?” is now available.

If you are thinking about using testing, calibration, inspection or certification to support your business, but you are not sure about the difference between accreditation and certification, you may want to reference the UKAS publication, “What is the right choice for you?” This publication details the difference between accreditation and certification and can serve as a useful guide to ensure you select the most appropriate one to suit your business needs.