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Publication of ISO/IEC 17029:2019

ISO/IEC 17029  – Conformity assessment – General requirements for verification and validation bodies was published on 30 October. The new standard contains general principles and requirements for the impartial, competent and consistent provision of validation and verification activities by validation and verification bodies. The standard is applicable to validation and verification bodies in any sector, and can be used in conjunction with sector specific programmes and schemes that contain requirements for validation and verification processes and procedures. The standard will serve as a framework standard for all types of verification in a wider range of conformity assessments. UKAS was an active member of the ISO Working Group that developed the standard, providing us with first-hand knowledge of how the requirements were developed and the rationale behind them.

UKAS will be developing programmes to provide accreditation for schemes under the new standard and will seek expressions of interest for such schemes as they become available. We are currently developing a training package to share an understanding of the standard and to support applicants through the accreditation process.

Current examples for validation/verification as accredited under ISO 14065 as conformity assessment activities include greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (e.g. according to ISO 14064-3), the Forestry Commission Woodland Carbon Code,  the ICAO CORSIA scheme and the EU Shipping MRV scheme.  Existing accreditation programmes under ISO 14065: 2013  will continue until the transition arrangements are finalised.

ISO 14065 is currently being revised (due for publication in 2020 or 2021) and the scope will be expanded to cover schemes for environmental labelling, declarations and footprints (e.g. according to ISO 14020 series, such as the environmental product declaration or EPD), sustainability or environmental reporting (e.g. according to ISO 14016).

Potential new applications under ISO/IEC 17029 can include claims relating to construction technology, energy management, financial management, industrial automation systems, software and systems engineering, artificial intelligence, information technology, healthcare products and medical devices, machine safety, safety and design engineering, and social responsibility. Further information will be communicated soon.