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Important new report from Red Tractor/YouGov highlights trust and confidence in the UK food sector

A new YouGov report commissioned by Red Tractor highlights the trust and confidence UK consumers place in the UK’s high food and animal welfare standards and assurance schemes. The UK’s Trust in Food Index published on 7 October reveals encouraging attitudes to food originating from the UK.  The report shows that, of the 3,500 adults surveyed, the overwhelming majority believed that the ‘UK’s food is safe, traceable and good quality.’

The report cites the implementation of standards and inspection and assurance schemes for British food as one of the main reasons underpinning public confidence.

Richard Collin, External Affairs Director at UKAS, commented on the findings from the report:

“It is very encouraging to see the trust and confidence UK consumers place in the UK’s high food and animal welfare standards and certified assurance schemes like Red Tractor when it comes to making safe and healthy choices for their food.

The food standards developed by organisations such as Red Tractor, when supported by accredited certification, play an important role in the quality infrastructure of the UK food sector.  UKAS accreditation is a vital part of that trust matrix ensuring that the bodies inspecting or certifying against the standards are competent and impartial.  It is gratifying that the role of UKAS accreditation in these processes is recognised.”

You can read the full report here: