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Supporting MPACE services

During these uncertain times we are dedicated to supporting our healthcare services with their accreditation needs to help ensure effective service delivery. Thank you to Dr Andrew Reilly for his positive feedback regarding the process of preparing the North West Cancer Centre at the Western Health and Social Care Trust for accreditation as part of the Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering (MPACE) pilot scheme.

“The systems we’ve developed as part of the accreditation work are helping us manage our ongoing activities at this time whilst we’re under severe pressure. We have sound procedures to fall back on, and these are helping us ensure that we continue to deliver a safe service to patients even whilst implementing new techniques in an extremely expedited fashion. This is when accreditation really shows its worth”

– Dr Andrew Reilly, Head of Radiotherapy Physics

The North West Cancer Centre is one of the sites participating in our current MPACE pilot for Radiotherapy Physics (treatment planning and quality assurance activities). Further information about the MPACE scheme, progress with the current pilot project and accredited organisations can be found here.

Services that are currently preparing for accreditation may find our recently published comprehensive FAQ document useful.