Healthcare accreditation

Publications listed below are grouped according to which healthcare areas they are relevant to:

  • All healthcare accreditations
  • Medical laboratories – see also laboratory accreditation
  • Physiological services
  • Imaging services
  • Medical physics and clinical engineering – BS 70000

All healthcare accreditations

UKAS publications

TPS 71 Accreditation of healthcare diagnostic pathways delivered between multiple UKAS customers (Edition 1, October 2023)

Medical laboratories

– see also laboratory accreditation

Relevant European and international publications

EA-4/17 M: 2022 Description of scopes of accreditation for medical laboratories

Assessor guidance

MED 1201 Assessor guidance - Medical Laboratory Services Delivery Off-Site

Physiological services

Standard and guidance

IQIPS Standard 2023 Standard for Improving Quality in Physiological Services
IQI 4000 IQIPS 2023 Standard Statements Guidance

Imaging services


QSI 2021 The Quality Standard for Imaging

Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering (MPACE) – BS 70000

– There are currently no publications specifically relevant to bodies accredited for MPACE.

For all available EA publications please see the publications pages of its website.

Accredited and applicant Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs) and assessors/auditors must read the UKAS Publications List (M4), which can be accessed via the Publications home page, to check for publications with which they have to comply.