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Updated UKAS guidance on the approach for Volume Scene of Crime (VSoC) assessments – Law enforcement

This update provides the rationale and guidance on changes to the application approach associated with Volume Scene of Crime (VSoC) initial assessments.

Background Information

All previous UKAS guidance communications for VSoC can be found in the following UKAS Technical Bulletins available on our website:

Previously, the process surrounding VSoC applications involved the use of a “slot based” system, however now this area of activity has become established, from 1st January 2023 UKAS will be reverting to the standard manner by which applications from organisations are submitted and processed.

As a consequence, whilst there will still be oversight of this technical area of work within the Forensics team, the review of applications, allocation of assessment teams and scheduling of assessments will now be managed by individual Assessment Managers as is the case for all other extension to scope applications that are submitted by organisations. Application forms should be completed and submitted as per instructions within the UKAS website:

If you have any queries in relation to the content of this document, please contact your Assessment Manager or [email protected].


Download a pdf copy of this Technical Bulletin here.