» Complaints and Appeals


UKAS is committed to providing a world class accreditation service and maintaining the highest standards of service in all our dealings with customers, third parties and stakeholders. 

We do however recognise that on occasion it may be necessary for our customers, or those using accredited services to raise a complaint with us. If you are a third party who has concerns about the activities of a UKAS accredited body, or if you are a direct customer of UKAS who is unhappy with our service, then do please get in touch with us.


An applicant or accredited body may formally request UKAS to re-consider any adverse decision made which relates to its desired accreditation status. The applicant or accredited body should submit an appeal in writing to UKAS’ Business Development Director (or nominated person), within one month of the date of written notification of the decision in question.

UKAS operates a two-stage process for managing an appeal. Please follow the guidelines to submit your appeal.

Raising a concern with UKAS (Whistle-blowing)

You may be employed in an organisation that is accredited by UKAS and you may have concerns about what is happening where you work in terms of how your organisation complies with the requirements of accreditation. We would always encourage you to try to resolve any concern you have within your organisation first, however if you have followed this route, or you do not feel able to raise your concern internally, you can raise your concern in confidence with us at UKAS. Our policy Raising A Concern With UKAS provides further information.