Becoming an Approved Body for UKCA marking

Effective from 1st January 2021, the UK government implemented its own Conformity Assessed (UKCA) Marking scheme for products to be placed on the GB (England, Scotland & Wales) market. The arrangements for Northern Ireland are different and are explained below.

To facilitate the above, UKAS accredits conformity assessment bodies (CABs) to enable them to be appointed as Approved Bodies in accordance with the relevant UK legislation.

Full information can be found in UKAS Publications GEN 5 – Accreditation for the Purposes of Appointment as an Approved Body under the UKCA System and a summary is provided below;

Please Note: the term ‘UKCA Mark’ is used to describe any product conformity marking required to place goods on the GB market. Similarly, the term ‘Approved Body’ includes other categories of appointment such as Designated Body, Technical Assessment Body (TAB) and Recognised Third-Party Organisation (RTPO).

Arrangements for Northern Ireland

Under the Northern Ireland protocol NI continues to abide by EU Directives relating to placing certain products on the NI market. As a consequence, NI continues to recognise the CE Mark but does not recognise the UKCA Mark. For producers and importers wishing to place goods on the NI market they have two options for attaining the CE Mark, either through (a) conformity assessment activities undertaken by a Notified Body from one of the EU Member States, or (b) conformity assessment activities undertaken by a UK-based Notified Body. If the second option is followed, then the product must be marked with a UKNI Mark in addition to the CE Mark denoting that the conformity assessment activities were undertaken within the UK. Products bearing the combined CE UKNI Marks shall not be accepted on the EU market.