» Physiological Services accreditation (IQIPS)


UKAS has been licensed by The Royal College of Physicians to manage and deliver IQIPS, a professionally-led assessment and accreditation programme designed to improve services, care and safety for patients undergoing physiological science service tests, examinations and procedures. IQIPS is now recognised by the CQC.

IQIPS, which is sponsored by Professor Sue Hill OBE, Chief Scientific Officer for England, is the only nationally recognised accreditation scheme available for physiological science services in the UK and provides an essential framework for services to engage with a key deliverable outlined in the recently published NHS England business plan:

 " ensure that more than 70% of all scientific and diagnostic services are part of accreditation programmes and demonstrate robust quality assurance measures by end March 2015."

NHS England Putting Patients First, Business Plan 2014-15 to 2016-17


Assessment for accreditation is against the IQIPS standards which are developed and owned by the professionals and scientific community. IQIPS accreditation is available across eight physiological disciplines; Audiology, Cardiac physiology, Gastro-Intestinal physiology, Neurophysiology, Ophthalmic and vision science, Respiratory and sleep physiology, Urodynamics and Vascular science.

The need to drive up the quality of care for patients, whilst delivering efficiency and productivity is a key principle for commissioners of healthcare services, both local commissioners (CCGs) and national specialised commissioners in NHS England (NHSE). UKAS accreditation is a tool that can be used to support the commissioning of healthcare services that are safe, effective and that continually improve the experience for patients. 

For commissioners

An introduction to IQIPS has been published by UKAS and the RCP. The IQIPS Accreditation Route Map will give you an overview of the support and advice available to you during the accreditation process, along with Action/Tips to assist you in understanding the steps involved along the accreditation pathway. The Route Map also provides an outline timeline required for each step of the application. 

Further information:

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the IQIPS team at UKAS IQIPSCustomerService@UKAS.com