Extended Awareness for SARCs: ISO 15189:2012 and FSR-C-116

This blended 2-day course will provide delegates with an overview of ISO 15189:2012, the interplay with FSR-C-116 and the process of accreditation. It includes UKAS’ “Introduction to Accreditation for SARCs” 1-day course and expands upon critical aspects of the Patient Journey and the links into the requirements. It has components of self-directed eLearning supported by face-to-face workshop activity in a virtual learning environment.

  • Overview

    This course will ensure delegates are aware of the key aspects of ISO 15189:2012 and FSR-C-116 and how they wrap around the patient’s journey through a Sexual Assault Referral Centre. In addition, it will ensure awareness of the accreditation journey, from application through to assessment and is designed to provide delegates with an understanding of the requirements of ISO 15189:2012 and FSR-C-116 in an interactive and practical way.

    The awareness gained from this course will enhance the delegates’ preparation for accreditation and the development of systems to demonstrate conformity.  It will enable them to evaluate their existing systems to determine their current state and to develop action plans to meet requirements.

    This blended course includes 8 hours of self-directed eLearning online, followed by two 4-hour interactive online workshops led by UKAS trainers.

    Please note – For learners to successfully complete UKAS Blended programmes, they must have first completed all associated online learning activities before attendance at the Virtual Instructor Led workshops.

    Please ensure you read the minimum requirements for this course before booking to attend.

  • Learning outcomes of this course

    Using a combination of interactive eLearning material and workshops our course will enable delegates to:

    • Understand the background to and the requirements of ISO 15189:2012 and FSR-C-116 and their applicability in their setting
    • Have the skills and knowledge to structure and document their QMS.
    • Understand the steps to implement and/or manage accreditation against ISO 15189:2012
  • Key topics

    Session one: Introduction to Accreditation for SARCs

    • Requirements – 15189:2012; FSR-C-116 and other forensic codes of practice
    • Terminology
    • ‘The Patient Journey’ and the requirements
    • Effective quality management systems
    • Persons responsible – who, what and competence
    • Implementation steps
    • Steps to accreditation

    Session two: Extended Awareness for SARCs

    • Non-Conforming Work, Continual Improvement and Management Review
    • Internal Audit
    • Validation, Verification and SOPs
    • Ensuring the quality of Examination Results.
  • Who should attend?

    This course is designed to introduce key stakeholders in Sexual Assault Referral Centres (SARCs) to the requirements of ISO 15189:2012 and the related Forensic codes and the accreditation process and extend their understanding of key principles through a variety of online interactive workshops.  It is suitable for anyone who is responsible for implementing or maintaining systems within a SARC. This could include (but is not limited to):

    • SARC Managers/Directors and Leads
    • SARC Quality Managers/Officers and/or Leads
    • Forensic Medical Examiners/Forensic Nurse Examiners
    • Crisis support workers
    • Police Officers

    ‘Session One’ is available as a standalone blended course.

  • Minimum requirements

    UKAS Academy virtual courses are usually delivered via the Adobe Connect application. Download links for this free programme can be found within our minimum requirements.

    Any additional requirements will be detailed in the joining instructions sent after a booking has been confirmed.

  • Meet the trainers

    All UKAS trainers are dedicated professionals with years of practical experience in their specialist areas.  Many UKAS trainers have previously worked as Assessment Managers, giving delegates the benefit of their wealth of knowledge.

Date/Time Venue Price
04/07/2023 - 04/07/2023 Staines-upon-Thames, Surrey £845 exc VAT

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