Introduction to Measurement Uncertainty course

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This interactive, expert-led one-day course provides an introduction to Measurement Uncertainty, enhancing understanding of this essential feature of all tests and calibrations.

  • Overview

    By their nature, physical measurements provide a best estimate of a quantity of interest (such as a calibration error or a test value). Because these are estimates, there is always some uncertainty about how closely they represent the true value of the quantity.

    Measurement Uncertainty is an essential feature of all tests and calibrations.  It can be used to estimate a range for values that could reasonably, with some defined probability, be attributed to a measured quantity. It is vitally crucial to account for Measurement Uncertainty whenever a conformity decision statement (e.g. pass/fail) is made.

    Delegates who complete this training will be able to attend our free post-course drop-in sessions to support their learning. The hour-long virtual sessions run monthly and can be attended as many times as required to ask our training team any post-course questions.

    Please ensure you read the minimum requirements for this course before booking to attend.

  • Learning outcomes of this course

    This interactive 1-day course is designed to provide delegates with an overview of uncertainty, traceability, uncertainty budgets, their components and pass/fail criteria (decision rules) relating to ISO/IEC 17025 compliance.

    By the end of this course, delegates will:

    • Appreciate why no measurement is complete unless it has an associated measurement uncertainty
    • Understand why it is essential and what it is used for
    • Recognise how and when to report and use it
    • Be able to explain all of this to colleagues

    Delegates who attend the course in full will receive a certificate of attendance once their invoice has been settled.

  • Key topics
    • Describing what Measurement Uncertainty is
    • The principles and the need for Measurement Uncertainty
    • The role in ISO/IEC 17025:2017 testing and calibration
    • Measurement Uncertainty on certificates and reports
    • Application to decision rules
    • Explanation of some confusing terms
  • Who should attend?

    This course is designed for any individual requiring an understanding of the importance of measurement uncertainty, the principles involved and how to develop simple uncertainty budgets.

    This could include:

    • Laboratory Quality and Technical Managers
    • Lab owners, Directors and Managers
    • Non-technical laboratory staff
    • Customers of laboratories, specifiers and users

    UKAS also offers a more technical course designed for practitioners who need to understand how to create an uncertainty budget that is consistent with the requirements for accreditation. See ‘Measurement Uncertainty for Practitioners’.

  • Minimum requirements

    UKAS Academy virtual courses are usually delivered via the Adobe Connect application. Download links for this free programme can be found within our minimum requirements.

    Any additional requirements will be detailed in the joining instructions sent after a booking has been confirmed.

  • Meet the trainers

    All UKAS trainers are dedicated professionals with years of practical experience in their specialist areas.  Many UKAS trainers have previously worked as Assessment Managers, giving delegates the benefit of their wealth of knowledge.

Date/Time Venue Price
14/03/2024 - 14/03/2024 Staines-upon-Thames, Surrey £655 exc VAT

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